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                                                           Hon. Timothy Ray Murray

                                             P.O. Box 950525  Oklahoma City, OK 73195                                                                                                                                                            


I, Hon. Timothy Ray Murray, am in dispute about the  June 24, 2014 primary election as the votes being switched with Rep. Lucas. This is because Rep. Frank D. Lucas died and has been substituted in public  as a look alike. The person serving for Oklahoma’s 3rd Congressional District is not known to most of the public.

As your Ambassador, I speak for The People of The United States and their best interest as their diplomat to help protect and defend The United States Constitution. I was sworn to lifetime duty by                  U.S. President Ford. I have not received any United States funds currently or in past for my lifetime Duty.

To Read about Amb. Hon. Timothy Ray Murray click here on: Ambassador.

I will continue legal correction through the Federal Courts and possibly Oklahoma’s Courts as needed to correct the voter selected Representation for Oklahoma’s 3rd District. As Ambassador for The People of The United States, I will continue to pursue for The People   of Oklahoma correct voter Representation in the U.S. House and        U.S. Senate of The People’s vote and thus voice.

In order to comply with Federal and State Law as of 11:59 PM               July 7, 2014 all expenses after that time of this pursuit are that of          Hon. Timothy Ray Murray, including this website and all content.      The Campaign is also suspended at the fore-mentioned time until this matter is resolved.

Thank You!

Hon. Timothy Ray Murray



I, Timothy Ray Murray, previously have revealed these following facts on this website that pertain to the dispute of my primary election of 2014 and others. I am also a owner of oil, gases, and minerals rights of other Oklahoma land. Like the Senator from Kentucky, I own oil, gases and mineral rights along with others that cover most of The State of Oklahoma. The purpose of this ownership is for The People of The United States. My purchase for The People of The United States was made with funds of The George Washington family of which I am a direct descendent.

I am not of knowledge of all of the former President's family directions with his assets, however I will always lawful
ly protect The People of The United States best interest in these oil and mineral assets. I will never turn over Management of these resource assets to solely to The U.S. President,  or solely to The U.S. Congress, that may open the future possibility of self interest miss-management, unless directed by the full extent of due process. These resource assets must always be used for the best interest of The People of The United States.

Oklahoma along with Kentucky contain about 50% of the oil for drilling of the 48 States. The purpose for this ownership is for the upright Management of these important resources for The People of The United States, instead of likely self interest and miss-Management of these resources. This transaction happened more than 20 years ago.

The Senator announced out his ownership in the 2012 election because of miss Representation of U.S. Office holders in his State. It has now been discovered miss Representation of U.S. Office holders has long existed in Oklahoma, using this fact about Oklahoma oil and minerals being owned by The People and other unjust excuses. This miss-Representation includes Oklahoma’s 3rd District and other Oklahoma Districts. Today is the day to correctly follow The People's voice.

I ask the few Members of Congress blocking The People’s correct vote to seat the justly elected Persons.
This matter is important in an                  U.S. Constitutional sense.

Thank You!

Hon. Timothy Ray Murray

Hon. Timothy Ray Murray

P.O. Box 950525

Oklahoma City, OK 73195


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