Top Fashion Styling Tips For Petites

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Fashion styling tips for small and petite women

Every woman needs to know a little bit about style and fashion in order to be elegant and classy wherever she goes. She needs to know which clothes make her look chubby, or mature and so on. That is the situation for a woman on a normal height. A petite woman needs extra care and attention if she doesn’t want to look like a child in a big woman’s clothes.

Petite and small women all over the world know how hard it is to try to look taller using just your clothes, accessories and your imagination. It’s a true battle with yourself to choose just a certain type of clothes and stay away from the rest of the clothes that you actually like.

In this article we have 10 fashion styling tips that we hope will help you be a better dresser. (more…)

How A Petite Woman Should Dress

How A Petite Woman Should Dress

What types of clothes should a petite woman wear?

As a petite woman myself, I know how hard it is to find suitable clothes. First of all it’s hard to find clothes that fit in the clothes for adults section. Most of the time, I have to go over to the clothes for children section, and see what they have in there. In this article I am going to describe how to dress a petite woman without making her look like a child in her mother’s clothes.

What clothes should a petite woman wear?

Before choosing your clothes, you always have to respect three main rules:

  • Try to look taller by wearing clothes that elongate your figure
  • Create a flattering silhouette
  • Avoid wearing clothes that make you look like you’re wearing a box


Men’s Tips: How To Dress Well

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Discover your own style as a guy

Men don’t actually have to dress like they walked out of a suits store in order to look dressed well. They don’t need to wear the latest trend in shoes and they don’t need to have all the required accessories (at a formal gathering) in order to look good. Yes, the shoes must be in accordance with the rest of the outfit and they must be of good quality but that is more common sense than fashion.

A guy well dressed shows confidence and feels good in his own clothes.

How to dress well as a guy?

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This is a question that many guys out there don’t know who to ask. You can’t ask you mother because it’s not cool and you can’t ask your girlfriend, she must keep her good impression about you. Well, stop looking. We have the list for you. (more…)